Bow Raffle for Military Service People

Where: Arden Hills Armory
When: Wednesday, October 18th 12 Noon
             Sunday, October 29th 12 Noon               
             Friday,  November 10th 12 Noon
             Sunday, December 10th 12 Noon

What: This is our fourth year of partisipating.  Each year during deer hunting season, Arden Hills Armory land is opened up to active duty and retired military personel and to persons who served post 911 and were deployed to a combat zone. They get a weekend of bow hunting. Hot lunches are provided by  members of The Minnesota Patriot Guard, with some help from JB Meats. The Erich J Kanne Memorial Foundation arrives with a bow and each soldier that is there at the time gets an opportunity to win! This doesn't seem to be enough for what these men and women to for Our Country but it is from our hearts and in honor of our Son. 

January  5th - 7th  We will be at the Iowa Pro-Am.  We will have some of our shooters there as well as a Booth and our Blow up Safety Shoot for fun!

Saturday, January 20th:  EJK  NASP Open at Whitcombs
                                 Call: 763-389-3706  to sign up

February 10-11th:  Vegas

March 10-11th:  Indoor Nationals NFAA

Saturday March 17th: The 5th Annual Erich J. Kanne Memorial Tournament
Becker Field House 1pm line time only.
This year we will be joined by The MAA.  They will be hosting their State Tournament at the same time.  MORE DETAILS AND INFORMATION TO COME!

Are you interested in helping to sponsor an EJK Archery shoot?  Please contact us and we can provide you with sponsorship details

1. Bale Ads
2. Booth
3. Donations
4. Volunteer your time

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  • Presented  multiple Genesis bows to children in our community
  • Donated trophy prizes to other Foundation Shoots for the youth
  • Volunteered our own personal time for other Foundation events
  • Provided league fees for youth
  • Awarded cash prizes to top State Youth Shooters
  • Given new bows to our Active Duty Military Service people
  • Spent time at Youth Events teaching and providing knowledge for the sport of archery
  • Provided other youth shoots with cash prizes
  • Facilitated an essay contest for youth to write about what archery means to them
  •  Shot at other Memorial shoots and provided prizes for top shooters
  • Given our own personal time to assist others and bring them shooting both with targets as well as out in a stand
  • Partisipated in a Bow Fishing Event with The Fallen Outdoors and provided a fishing bow for a raffle.
  • Co-hosted a NASP open multiple times and provided trophy prizes for winners
  • Sponsored multiple kids as our staff shooters.